Choosing Your Brand Colors Strategically

As a psychology driven brand strategist, I have worked behind the scenes of hundreds of brands and have a deep understanding of the importance of choosing your brand colors strategically. The key is to build your brand on truth, not trends. To start, you need to determine the values and beliefs of your brand and […]

Soundcloud Widgets

This set of players allow you to add Soundcloud single track and playlist players to your site. Just drag drop and use. *You will need to open a free or paid account with in order to use this widget Includes: DEV NOTES: UPDATED TO VERSION 2.0 Now offers User’s Latest Tracks

How to Change the Email Address on a Form

To change the email address for a form in Adobe Muse, follow these steps: Note: The new email address will now be used for all submissions from the form. Ensure that the email address is correct and accessible to prevent any issues with receiving form submissions.

SEO Builder

There are many ways you can optimize your Adobe Muse sites to improve your ranking with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo using keywords, tagging, web fonts, and sitemap generation. Title Tags and Meta Description in Muse The first thing I want to do is look at keywords and page titles in my site […]

Threads Ecommerce

*You will need to setup and use you own Gumroad Account PLEASE NOTE: Gumroad is an easy to setup and use ecommerce service aimed at small product ranges, pre-orders and memberships please review their service here.