Desert Color Palettes

Creating a color palette inspired by desert landscapes involves incorporating the unique hues found in these harsh and arid environments. At first glance, the terrain might look like a giant blur of tan under a blue sky, but closer inspection reveals a myriad of rich hues.

First, take a look at the sand, dunes, and barren hills that make up much of the landscape. Add in the contrasting colors created by sunsets and thunderstorms, as well as the changing colors of the sky throughout the day and night.

The bright red and orange hues of a hot day, for example, make a rich contrast with the deep blues and purples of the cool desert nights. When pulled together, these colors create a color palette that mirrors the rich landscape of the desert.

A Mirage in the Desert

A mirage in the desert inspires a color palette that creates a harmonious blend of earthy hues. Shades of sandy brown and taupe allude to

Green Cactus Inspired Palette

A color palette inspired by green cacti draws from the blend of lush, earthy hues of the prickly plants. The palette is perfect for nature-inspired

Slab City in California

A color palette inspired by Slab City in the California desert would feature hues inspired by the unincorporated setting where off-the-grid snowbirds flock during their

An Installation at Burning Man

A color palette inspired by an installation at Burning Man features hues such as pale taupe, dusty rose, and varying shades of gray. These colors

The Monument House at Joshua Tree

The Monument House at Joshua Tree inspires a harmonious color palette that blends olive green, coral, sky blue, ivory, and medium brown. This palette reflects

Camel and Sand Inspired Palette

A color palette inspired by a camel and sand in the desert features warm, earthy sand hues with contrasting brown and black. The monochrome palette