Halloween Color Palette

Halloween is a holiday steeped in mystery, darkness, and the supernatural. This sense of eerie intrigue can be perfectly captured in color palettes that embody the spirit of Halloween.

Rich hues of black, deep purple and dark green evoke feelings of foreboding, while splashes of bright oranges, yellows, and reds suggest the excitement and danger of the holiday. Shadows, fog, and the shimmering light of lanterns and candles can be reflected in a palette that includes shades of gray, silver, and gold.

The final result is a palette that is both spooky and thrilling, perfectly capturing the essence of Halloween. Whether you’re designing a Halloween-themed party or just looking for inspiration for your Halloween decor, these color palettes are sure to set the perfect mood.

Jack-O'-Lantern Inspired Color Palette

A jack-o’-lantern-inspired color palette captures the essence of the Halloween icon. The warm oranges evoke the flickering candlelight within, while rust and yellow suggest the natural decay of autumn. Black adds a touch of darkness, amplifying the spooky charm of this holiday staple. Hex Codes:
  • FC8B07
  • 5F2A17
  • 0C0402
  • DCA72A

Wizard of Oz Color Palette

The whimsical, dreamlike scenes in the “Wizard of Oz” film inspire a color palette that evokes the magic and mystery of this fantastic world. Colors of pastel green and pink combined with lavender and midnight purple bring to mind iconic settings such as the Lollipop Guild and the Emerald City. Hex Codes:
  • BBD9A3
  • 81748E
  • 7CB681
  • F1E1EC
  • 271933

Glow Sticks at a Halloween Party

A color palette inspired by glow sticks at a Halloween party includes colors like neon green, hot pink, bright red, royal blue, and sky blue. The vivid hues mimic the high energy associated with these holiday-themed events and are perfect for creating a playful, celebratory atmosphere. Hex Codes:
  • 0AC746
  • D33FCA
  • CE1E56
  • 0107CF
  • 8ED3F2

Witch's Hat on Fall Leaves

A witch’s hat lying amongst fall leaves inspires a color palette of earthy hues that embody the natural beauty of autumn. Shades of latte, medium brown, and taupe represent the decaying leaves, while reddish-brown and black conjure imagery of witches flying atop the barren trees. Hex Codes:
  • 15140F
  • D3AE9B
  • 4F310E
  • C19A7A
  • 53210B

Candy Corn Yellow and Orange Colors

Candy corn inspires a color palette of varying shades of orange, neon yellow, and creamy white and is sure to add a playful spirit to any design. These intense, vivid hues evoke the sweet flavors of Halloween candy and the nostalgia of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Hex Codes:
  • F55D02
  • FFF9DF
  • FDED13
  • C95F1D
  • FE8615

Black Cat with Bright Eyes

A color palette inspired by a black cat with bright eyes includes varying shades of black, golden turmeric, and citrine yellow. The rich, dark fur contrasts with the sparkling eyes, resulting in a playful, mysterious effect that embodies the elegance of felines and the mystery of a witch’s pet. Hex Codes:
  • 191814
  • 000000
  • D8C043
  • F5F7D1
  • 1D1611

Green Glow in the Dark Slime

Green glow-in-the-dark slime creates a color palette that lends a sci-fi vibe to any project. Radiant hues of bright, lime, and olive green mimic the otherworldly quality of the glowing slime. Shades of black, however, represent the surrealness of playing with the slime in a dark room. Hex Codes:
  • 9CCE87
  • 619752
  • 4C7729
  • 000600
  • 000000

Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Colors

A palette inspired by Tim Burton’s iconic film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” includes shades of black, yellow, periwinkle, and eggshell. The hues evoke the whimsical eeriness of the film and are perfect for any project that requires a touch of dark, playful magic at any time of year. Hex Codes:
  • 030409
  • F0D23E
  • EDE6D4
  • 7685E2
  • 000000

Halloween Cookies

Halloween cookies inspire a color palette that includes black, dark brown, orange, and ivory. These warm, comforting hues bring to mind the sweet treats of the holiday and capture the spirit of Halloween goodies and cozy autumn afternoons and evenings. Hex Codes:
  • FD9C1C
  • 412D1A
  • 180D08
  • F4E7DA

Scarecrow in a field on a fall day

A color palette inspired by a scarecrow in a field on a fall day includes dull brown, sandy orange, woody bronze, deep brown, and nutmeg. The warm, earthy tones evoke the cozy beauty of fall. This palette is perfect for designs celebrating autumn’s beauty and fall-themed events. Hex Codes:
  • 8E7050
  • D19E6E
  • 4D3523
  • 252122
  • 813A25

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