Fall Color Palettes

Choosing a color palette inspired by fall foliage can be a great way to create a warm and inviting motifs in your graphic design work. During the autumn season, trees typically display a range of warm hues such as red, orange, yellow, and brown.

Incorporating these shades with added pops of green is an effective way to transition between summer and winter, regardless of where the palette is used. Complementary hues of royal purple and midnight blue can add visual interest while also balancing out the warmer tones.

Overall, when it comes to creating a color palette inspired by the fall season, your imagination is your only limit. The results are sure to create beautiful and inviting mediums including, but not limited to, fashion, interior design, and advertising.

Fall Leaves Color Palette

A palette inspired by fall leaves may feature warm and rich colors such as rustic red, golden yellow, burnt orange, and olive green, to name a few. Adding these autumn-inspired hues is one surefire way to create a cozy and inviting effect.

Hex Codes:

  • 745737
  • 7c2e08
  • 8c7a48
  • 352d10
  • d2b889


Blue Jeans and Leaves

Autumn is denim weather, and nothing creates a beautiful contrast against the falling leaves like your favorite pair of blue jeans. The natural beauty of fall foliage paired with any shade of denim will create a stunning visual for a wide range of products and styles.

52838C: Steel Blue

a0712f: Orange-Brown

c4955b: Light Chestnut

2f4645: Dark Sea Green

bd7d2f: Tan





Apples and Cinnamon

The benefit of using a color palette inspired by apples and cinnamon is that it creates a cozy effect, perfect for the autumn season. The colors evoke the warm and comforting feelings associated with autumn, making it an ideal choice during the fall months. Check out this color palette, that shows a cinnamon latte next to red apples, warm and inviting, reflecting the warm, comforting tones of the drink and the bright, juicy hue of the fruit.

  1. EAD3CC: Light peach
  2. EEDFDE: Light grayish-pink
  3. C15838: Vibrant red-orange
  4. C16951: Soft orange
  5. 991117: Deep red


Cozy Up to the Fireplace with this Color Palette

Nothing screams fall like cozying up to a crackling fireplace. This color palette of brown hues with warm orange, golden yellow, and fiery red accents creates a warm ambiance. Using these colors when paired with contrasting textiles and patterns can provide visually stunning results regardless of the industry.

  1. FAEAD7: Light beige
  2. 090401: Dark brown
  3. 281203: Dark maroon
  4. 9B4F06: Warm orange
  5. 673004: Deep brown

These colors evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and relaxation, making them suitable for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in a space.




Wicker Baskets Color Palette

If you’re a fan of using earth tones, then you will love this color palette inspired by wicker baskets. Shades of gray, taupe, brown, and off-white can create a cohesive sense of calm and tranquility by themselves, or you can use other autumn hues from nature to add pops of color.

  • 8c6a4e: Earthy brown
  • beb9b8: Light gray
  • 303030: Dark gray
  • ada197: Light taupe
  • d1cfd0: Off-white


Green Leaves Turning Magenta

Is there anything more stunning than the sight of green leaves turning magenta? The vibrancy of the green leaves contrasting with the complementary hue of bold magenta creates quite a visual impact. The effect is an autumn-centric color palette and is perfect for the transition between summer heat and the chill of winter.

8b2320 = Rust Red

d94c5a: Light Pink

352c13: Olive Drab

888914: Olive Green

82501a: Dark Sienna


Dried Lavender Wrapped in Paper

Dried lavender wrapped in paper and tied with twine makes for a natural color palette with hues of gray, pale purple, various shades of green, and brown. The effect is peaceful and charming, lending a vintage look that is perfect for interior design, fall fashion, autumn weddings, and so much more.

a49da4: Lavender Grey

221715: Deep Forest Green

190e0b: Dark Olive Green

554344: Bistro Brown

aea3a9: Pale Silver


An Assortment of Squash

An assortment of squash features rich, earthy hues with variations of autumn colors. The warm tones evoke the cozy feeling of the harvest season and the ambiance reminiscent of the comfort foods that use these mild, sweet-tasting gourds as ingredients.

7a5025: Saddle Brown

321806: Dark Olive

e2ab30: Yellow Orange

c29b64: Taupe Grey b37829 = Light Sienna


Soccer Stadium Crisp Fall Day

A soccer stadium on a crisp fall day is the perfect inspiration for an autumn-themed color palette. The various shades of green and coral provide an energetic, sporty ambiance. If you’re looking for complementary hues, try the rich, bold colors of your favorite sports team’s jersey.

253121: Dark Olive Green

b8c1b0: Pastel Green

2d3725: Dark Green

130f0b: Dark Olive

be8a6e = Light Coral


A Turkey Prancing Around on Concrete

A color palette inspired by a turkey prancing around on concrete features various shades of green and taupe. If you prefer a more urban look, then add white accents, but if you prefer something bolder, then add splashes of color inspired by the turkey’s feathers.

7f5a4a: Medium Taupe

705950: Dark Taupe

45403e: Dark Olive Green

231e1d: Dark Olive

59686a: Steel Teal


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