Boho Color Palettes

Boho color palettes lean toward unique blends of earth and jewel tones. These combinations create a warm and inviting atmosphere whether they’re used in fashion, product design, or any other industry.

Earthy tones, such as sandy beige, rusty red, and olive green, evoke a natural, organic feel. These colors are inspired by nature and the great outdoors and are perfect for creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Jewel tones, such as deep ruby, turquoise, and orange amber, add pops of rich color to the palette. Precious gems found deep within the earth add touches of luxury and sophistication.

When combined, this harmonious color palette is an inviting and elegant balance of earth and jewel tones, creating visually stunning results. The color palette is perfect for anyone who wishes to add an eclectic and bohemian touch to their creative efforts. Pair with textiles such as wicker and braided ropes to enhance the boho experience.

Modern Bohemian Apartment Inspired Color Palette

A modern bohemian apartment-inspired color palette features a mix of muted shades such as browns, taupe, ivory, and eggshell. These warm earth tones bring a contemporary twist to traditional bohemian colors for a result that is both cozy and eclectic. Hex Codes:

  • EAE6E5
  • E0C9B0
  • F8E9CE
  • 6E5142
  • 93877E



Wicker Furniture Beige and Brown Colors

A color palette inspired by wicker furniture in beige colors results in a soothing effect due to its various shades of beige. The foundation of beige pairs well with shades of reddish brown, light beige, yellowish-green, and medium peach. This is the perfect palette to use when the goal is to create a cozy, bohemian feel. Hex Codes:

  • 907C5E
  • AC8970
  • B9B54A
  • AB9275



Bohemian Wedding Flower Arrangement

A bohemian wedding flower arrangement color palette marries pastel hues of ivory, gray, and tan. This combination of dreamy colors is perfect for a boho-style wedding, as the neutral tones and delicate pops of soft hues create a cohesive look inspired by the innocence and freedom of love. Hex Codes:

  • D6C9C0
  • E0D9CF
  • D5CEBF
  • A69681
  • BCB3A9



70s Bohemian Dress Color Palette

The 70s bohemian dress color palette features colors such as deep navy blue, rich wine red, delicate lavender, and a soft, dusky rose. When combined, these colors evoke a sense of vintage, earthy romance and embody the free-spirited essence of the bohemian era. Hex Codes:

  • 174E76
  • 66444C
  • 938194
  • CA9DA8



Macrame Hanging Shelf

A color palette inspired by the macrame hanging shelf displays warm, earthy tones like taupe, ivory, light and medium brown, and burnt orange. The earthy tones ground the palette with a sense of stability, while the pop of orange adds a warm, playful aurora. Hex Codes:

  • D6CCAD
  • FBF9EA
  • D38D43
  • 9B8B81
  • 706251



Beachfront Boho Restaurant and Lounge

Relaxation is the essence of a beachfront boho restaurant and lounge-inspired color palette. it features colors such as warm, sun-kissed hues of mustard, deep reddish-orange, and shades of medium-to-dark brown. The result is a natural inclination to unwind and enjoy one’s surroundings. Hex Codes:

  • C59747
  • 2F180C
  • 343114
  • 6E543D
  • 69391C



Boho Lighting Beaded Chandelier

Inspired by a boho lighting beaded chandelier, this color palette pairs the moods of confidence and elegance. The rich, metallic gold is striking against a background of black and dark brown, while a lighter, earthier brown provides a cozy transition between the two stronger shades. Hex Codes:

  • 333335
  • 996B39
  • 422B1E
  • 6C5F57



Boho Yoga Studio

Whether nestled in the heart of an urban landscape or tucked into a rustic setting, a boho yoga studio inspires a color palette including warm, earthy hues of varying shades of tan, medium brown, and pale mustard. The effect is a cozy, relaxing setting perfect for finding inner peace. Hex Codes:

  • A89B7E
  • C0AF93
  • BCA36E
  • D6C5AB
  • 7E7254



Boho Chic Afghan Kuchi Fish Necklace

The Afghan Kuchi Fish Necklace inspires a color palette of rich, warm hues, including taupe, medium gray, medium brown, and dark mustard. The blend of cool and warm tones evokes a sense of cultural heritage and sophistication with respect to the exotic elegance of the accessory. Hex Codes:

  • AFAD97
  • 73684C
  • 9E955E
  • 6D695C



Boho Rainbow Bedding Color Palette

The boho bedding set inspires a vibrant, bold color palette that includes shades such as bright orange, turquoise, deep red, medium gray, and taupe. The effect of blending the warm and cool hues results in an eclectic harmony that is the perfect way to add boho charm to any project. Hex Codes:

  • 8C1E18
  • 534847
  • 3C7E91
  • E7651C


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