80s Color Palette Examples

The 1980s saw an economic boom that led to advancements in state-of-the-art technology and a focus on materialism. The pop star Madonna even wrote a song called “Material Girl,” which was undoubtedly inspired by this uptick in consumer trends.

Pop culture took a turn for the optimistic and was heavily influenced by new-wave and electronic music, pop art, hip-hop dancing, and neon fashion. As a result, the 1980s maintained an overall positive and upbeat tone.

Bold, vibrant colors were the foundation of the 1980s color palettes. Some of the most iconic colors of the decade include neon green, hot pink, electric blue, neon yellow, purple, and turquoise. These shades are often paired with bold hues like fuchsia, teal, magenta, and lime green to create eye-catching and playful designs.

Miami Vice Neon Color Scheme

The Miami Vice neon logo symbolizes the flashy, colorful, and cutting-edge style of the popular 1980s television crime drama. The logo features the show’s title in electric blue and bright pink against a white and black background, capturing the essence of the decade.

Hex Codes:

  • EB7BB0
  • 01B7DC
  • 216EA6





Michael Jackson Thriller Red Leather Jacket

The red leather jacket Michael Jackson wore in his “Thriller” music video is a defining symbol of 1980s pop culture. The bright red and black leather makes a bold fashion statement that complements the energetic dancing style created by the King of Pop.

Hex Codes:

  • FD0000
  • BE352D
  • 353030
  • 302C2D






MTV Music Television Vaporwave Colors

MTV was born at the dawn of the 1980s, and from the start, its logo encompassed the high-energy, futuristic vibe of the decade. The use of vibrant, neon colors like electric blue and hot pink reflected the futuristic vibe of the music by up-and-coming artists and performers.

Hex Codes:

  • F946BD
  • 04E8FD






Princess Diana in Gorgeous Red Tone Outfit

Princess Diana of Wales, known as the People’s Princess, was a fashion icon whose elegant sense of style is still emulated worldwide. One notable example is her gorgeous red-tone outfit consisting of a white oxford shirt, a long-sleeve red top, and matching trousers in a gingham print.

Hex Codes:

  • FCC1DB
  • FCF3F8
  • 873445
  • F26A9F





Richard Simmons and 80s Workout Gear Palette

Richard Simmons helped lead the fitness craze of the 1980s. His workout gear, which consisted of items like leotards and leg warmers, created a flamboyant color palette that fit his energetic personality and included colors such as fuchsia, sky blue, lemon yellow, and lime green.

Hex Codes:

  • CD57BD
  • 4A4DEC
  • F4FE6A
  • 60EFEE
  • 46FE41





Chuck E. Cheese: Where Birthday Parties Happened

The color palette for Chuck E. Cheese, one of the most popular family entertainment centers of the 1980s, was illustrated with bright tones to create a playful atmosphere, Shades such as blue, yellow, and orange combined with the animatronic characters made for a fun-filled brand that made the restaurant and gaming center the perfect place for a child’s birthday party.

Hex Codes:

  • Fffe54
  • 59C8F5
  • F78F2F
  • 080604
  • DCE1DC






The Sony Walkman: Yellow Palette

The Sony Walkman was one of the most popular portable cassette players of the 1980s, and its iconic yellow color palette was a defining feature of the device’s design. The attention-grabbing color conveyed a sense of youthful fun and technological innovation for music lovers on the go.

Hex Codes:

  • F8C82A
  • E14C10
  • 281F16
  • 2C407D






Pacman: 1980s Retro Gaming Palette

When the action game Pac-Man hit arcades, gamers lined up to pop quarters into the machine for a chance to add their initials to the rankings screen. The bright yellow main character and the red, blue, orange, and pink ghosts created a color palette that continues to evoke 1980s nostalgia today.

Hex Codes:

  • F3EA0E
  • FB8112
  • ED1727
  • FA95B1
  • 17AEE5






1980s Cereal Boxes Palette: Mr T Cereal

Cereal boxes in the 1980s used bright, eye-catching colors and bold designs to entice children to beg their parents for their sugary breakfast treats. The bright red Mr. T logo on the wrestler-themed cereal box appealed to kids and parents alike and remains a hallmark of 1980s breakfast culture.

Hex Codes:

  • F5DB14
  • EE3521
  • 1C3587
  • 15A2AC
  • AB5C2C





Cyndi Lauper: 80s Grunge Icon Inspired Palette

Cyndi Lauper was one of the most notable pop icons of the 1980s and was known for her eclectic and grunge-inspired fashion sense. Her legendary outfits featured a bright color palette which included colors such as hot pink, electric blue, sunny yellow, sky blue, and fiery red.

Hex Codes

  • ECD235
  • D67038
  • BF2D32
  • 3CA2DA
  • D072A8





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