70s Color Palette Examples

The 1970s was a decade characterized by a shift towards bold, vibrant hues in interior design, fashion, and pop culture. This change represented a break from the muted tones of previous decades.

Burnt orange, avocado green, and mustard yellow were among the colors that dominated the 1970s. The popularity of earth tones, such as olive and khaki green, reflected the growing environmental consciousness of the time.

In fashion, psychedelic patterns and colorful prints added a fun, playful element to clothing, while sleek metallic tones embodied the era’s technological advancements. Overall, the 1970s color palette was a testament to the decade’s spirit of experimentation and playfulness.

The Original Willy Wonka Movie with Gene Wilder

The original “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” movie with Gene Wilder showcases a whimsical color palette inspired by the film’s dreamy, fantastical candy factory setting. The predominant colors are shades of purple and contrasting variations of gold.

Hex Codes

  • 5C1673
  • EED8E1
  • B55D1D
  • DDC8A9
  • 3C2E2D





Multicolor Platform Shoes

The multicolor platform shoe was a 1970s trend that inspired a bold and eclectic color palette. Some of the colors included were pink, brown, burnt orange, dark gray, and olive. These earthy, warm hues embody the fearless spirit of the trend while complementing other elements of a fashion ensemble.

Hex Codes:

  • D185A2
  • 773C23
  • B04F0B
  • 2D3A39
  • 516D36





An Iconic Automobile: The VW Bus

The coolest teens and adults of the 1970s traveled in an iconic Volkswagen Bus. Yellow was a popular color and inspired a sunny, retro color palette featuring shades of bright yellow, pale green, medium gray, and orangish-brown. These hues evoke memories of road trips, freedom, and adventure that dominated the decade.

Hex Codes

  • D0B800
  • 93865A
  • D7E5D6
  • 4F5E39
  • AE9553





Groovy 70s Disco Inspired Palette

The groovy 70s disco-inspired palette features a mix of bold and vibrant hues. Some of the most popular are yellow, red, gray, blue, and black. This fabulous palette embodies the high-energy, fun-loving spirit of the era and the people who grooved it out at decade’s legendary dance parties.

Hex Codes

  • A20E11
  • EFC95C
  • 98C9F1
  • D1CCCE
  • 0C0606





Mood Rings Color Palette

The mood rings color palette features soft, dreamy hues of plum, peach, blue, aqua, and green. These pastel shades evoke a relaxed and introspective mood and embody the desire for self-expression and spiritual discovery, both of which were iconic themes of the 1970s.

Hex Codes

  • 884C79
  • D88687
  • 0244D8
  • 4AC1CB
  • 6BAF83





Original Star Wars Movie Poster Color Palette

The original “Star Wars” movie poster features a bold, eye-catching combination color palette. Bright shades of red, yellow, and blue are complemented by contrasting hues of dark blue and bright yellow-green. The palette embodies the epic, action-packed adventure of the futuristic franchise.

Hex Codes

  • 3B5DA6
  • 3A9DD9
  • 881A1B
  • E1B61D
  • E1DE84





Jaws Movie Color Palette

“Jaws” was one of the many horror films to dominate the 1970s. Its movie poster’s color palette displays a tense, suspenseful combination of red, dark blue, off-white, pale yellow, and peach. These colors represent the intense emotions of the legendary shark movie.

Hex Codes

  • B92528
  • 3D415A
  • F2ECE5
  • F1E394
  • E89869





Shag Carpeting Color Palette

The 1970s shag carpeting color palette features a warm and inviting combination of earthy hues that were common in many households. Golden yellow, burnt orange, olive green, and rust red gave a cozy, comfortable aesthetic to the shag carpet trend for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Hex Codes

  • 6B2806
  • BE9B37
  • CA6126
  • 480805
  • 654C4E





The Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspired Color Scheme

A color palette inspired by “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” features a bold, eclectic mix of colors. The palette represents the movie’s quirky, playful spirit and its celebration of individuality and self-expression and is brown-dominated, including light, dark, and shades mixed with orange and red.

Hex Codes

  • 22150C
  • AF3A20
  • CD6947
  • 8C3B21
  • DAA589





Atari Video Game System Inspired Color Palette

The Atari video game system inspires a color palette featuring a nostalgic mix of bright, bold hues. The bright yellow, orange, and red hues are a vibrant contrast to the darker orange and midnight blue colors of the console and evoke memories of endless hours of Pong and other basic console games.

Hex Codes

  • FAB478
  • FC9701
  • E54F31
  • 863C12
  • 020210



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