60s Color Palettes

The 1960s was a time of immense change, and artists played a significant role in shaping the cultural landscape. With the rise of student protests and the hippie movement, artists explored new ways of expressing themselves through visual art.

This era gave birth to four major art movements that challenged traditional thinking methods: Psychedelic art, Pop Art, Minimalism, and Conceptual art. The psychedelic style of the 1960s, with its bright colors, high contrast, and repeated lines, was heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

This style was popularized through posters promoting rock concerts and was meant to resemble psychedelic visuals. Today, this style continues to evolve and is influenced by modern electronic music and glitch art.

Woodstock Inspired Color Palette

The Woodstock poster color palette combines vibrant and earthy hues. Red, lime green, and dusky blue evoke the energy and excitement of the legendary music festival, while tan and dark brown reflect the natural setting and grounding presence of the event, capturing the spirit of the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

Hex Codes

  • D32F1D
  • 7CB05B
  • EFE1B4
  • 83AAC2
  • 370705




Andy Warhol Pop Art Depicting Marilyn Monroe

Color palettes inspired by Andy Warhol reflect the modern and eye-catching designs of his pop art, such as the painting that depicts Marilyn Monroe. The color palette of red, hot pink, and silver captures the bold and iconic imagery of the pop culture of the actress’s celebrity status.

Hex Codes

  • D60404
  • EC048B
  • E4D05F
  • EFB314




2001 Space Odyssey Inspired Color Scheme

The 2001: A Space Odyssey movie poster color palette features enigmatic hues such as neon yellow, reddish orange, dusky blue, pale peach, and ecru. The colors evoke the futuristic theme of the iconic film and add a sense of mystery and exploration to any design.

Hex Codes

  • FBF814
  • C35956
  • F0DBD6
  • F3ECE6
  • 4E5D80




Budweiser Print Advertisement

A color palette inspired by a vintage Budweiser Print Advertisement features warm shades of red and brown, ranging from light taupe to vermilion. This color combination exudes a classic and vintage feel, capturing the classic and sophistication themes inspired by the era.

Hex Codes

  • B04028
  • B08174
  • DF2E17
  • AB371E
  • B5502F




The Fillmore San Francisco Music Venue Poster

The color palette inspired by the Fillmore San Francisco Music Venue Poster is a harmonious blend of soft pastel hues and bold black. Light green, dusty pink, and taupe create a retro and nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the iconic music venue’s rich history and timeless appeal.

Hex Codes

  • BED8CD
  • D99BA0
  • 252926
  • D7D9CC




Pan Am Airlines Color Palette

The Pan Am Airlines marketing color palette from the 1960s featured a clean and sophisticated blend of blue, white, and gray reminiscent of looking up at a plane as it soars through a cloudless blue sky. Inspired by the golden age of air travel, these hues evoke a sense of adventure, luxury, and sophistication.

Hex Codes

  • 4A7AC4
  • 7D828B
  • 1E479F




Herman Miller Mid Century Modern Furniture

The Herman Miller Mid-Century Modern Furniture color palette features a bold and sophisticated blend of orange, mustard yellow, olive green, gray, and charcoal that evokes a retro feel, capturing the essence of the iconic furniture brand and its modern style.

Hex Codes

  • FB561E
  • ECD881
  • 877D59
  • A3A59A
  • 41403B




Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski Movie Poster Palette

The monochromatic color palette inspired by the Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski movie poster displays a haunting and eerie blend of black with varying shades of green. The overall effect evokes a sense of mystery, suspense, and unease, capturing the essence of the classic horror film.

Hex Codes

  • 2E632B
  • 5E9852
  • 070606
  • 244C23




Muhammad Ali 1960s fight poster

Inspired by Muhammad Ali and the golden age of boxing, this color palette is a a bold and energetic blend of lemon yellow, fiery red, and stark black. The palette evokes a sense of power, determination, and confidence, capturing the essence of the legendary boxer’s iconic image and fighting spirit.

Hex Codes

  • FEF200
  • E50828
  • 090502




Original Ford Mustang Magazine Advertisement

A color palette inspired by an original Ford Mustang magazine advertisement brings back the nostalgia of the 1960s. Featuring warm hues of burnt orange, rich brown, soft pale gray, and metallic bronze, it’s the perfect blend of vintage and sophistication.

Hex Codes

  • BC5B2E
  • B3905F
  • 512812
  • EAE1DC



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